Below are some sheets to help you with typical financial decisions. Feel free to request more sheets. Engineers like excel…

Will my savings be enough to retire?

This sheet allows you to enter your savings and desired salary at retirement. It then tells you whether your extrapolated savings will be enough to give you the desired salary.

What will my tax be in retirement?

This sheet allows you to input your expected salary and what portion of the salary will come from each investment type. It then calculates what your effective tax rate will be in retirement. Feel free to play with it to see if you can beat my optimised tax rate (I capped the tax-free portion at 50%).

Should I transfer my money?

This sheet helps you decide whether you should move your money from one investment to another. It takes into account the investment returns, investment term and cost to transfer. It then tells you whether it is worth considering a transfer.

Mortgage and the outstanding amount calculator

This sheet allows you to input the purchase amount, interest and repayment term. It then shows you what the mortgage will be, the total interest paid and how much you own at any stage in the repayment process.

End note

Please note that these sheets should not be used in isolation and you are solely responsible for your investment decisions. I post it here simply because I want to help. Please click here for the full disclaimer.