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Full-time traveller

I found your blog and really enjoyed the articles that I've read so far and your transparency with everything.

I thought of just sending you a message, but then deciding on writing here on the forum in case my 'story' might be useful to anyone else.

I'm currently 27 years old. I studied Investment Management, but haven't work in Investments even for a second. I got married in my third year of University and did my honours while being married. My wife was also still studying so we started building websites part time.

By the end of the year we had so many projects lined up that I didn't even think about looking for a job even though I still went to write CFA Level 1 that December.

The next year we just worked hard and saved more than 50% of our income.

We then decided to go and travel until our savings ran out, three years (and 25 countries) later we haven't made a dent in our savings and it just kept on growing to the point where I need to read blogs like yours for ideas on what to do with our savings.

We max our RAs to 27.5%, use the full TFSA allowance every year, have USD and EUR exposure, tech stocks on eToro, etc. We are also in the process of buying a flat for renting out. Though after reading your thoughts on property I'm not looking forward to all the admin, but I think it is good for diversification even if returns ends up being less than other avenues.

We're currently in Cambodia after having spent one month in Thailand and one month in Vietnam, travelling and living in these countries are so much cheaper than just living in SA with things like rent or mortgage, car payments, insurance, food, etc. By working as little as 2 hours a day we can earn more than enough to cover all expenses and still put money in our RA.

So instead of working towards retiring at 45 and only travelling then, I've already been travelling from the age of 24.

If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to answer them.

Welcome Geomin,

That is such an awesome story. Well done on making this happen (one day when I'm grown-up). Let us know what your websites are so we can have a look.

I think, especially in your situation, managing property from around the world will be a challenge. However, you can still look at Real Estate Investment Trusts, although the performance in the last few years has been dismal.

If you want, you can do a write-up in the Geographic Arbitrage section regarding your experience living abroad.

Thanks for sharing.


Our blog is



Flickr: (almost 10 000 photos from three years on the road)

For Africa we kept a daily blog and then just photos for Indian subcontinent and then with Thailand started with a weekly blog, but gave up. Haven't posted anything for past two months. Even Instagram is a month behind.

We're currently in Laos, heading to Myanmar soon.