I’m a regular guy, from a boring family, born in a desert in South Africa with the golden spoon nowhere in sight. I have money, not tigers on a gold leash money (thank you Lorde), but buy my cars cash and provide for my family, money.

I’m happy. I’d be happier sipping bourbon in a cabin, by the fireplace next to a fly fishing dam somewhere in Norway. I don’t know whether they do fly fishing in Norway and that’s exactly my problem. I do fly fishing in Dullstroom. Notice the full stop at the end of that “list”. I want to see the world, experience crazy shit and not have to pitch up for a job “every. single. day.” (Apple slogan for you right there). This however requires a metric fuckton of money.

We see people every day doing stupid shit with their money. We do stupid shit with our money. Be it in ignorance or habit. I want to become stupid rich. I want to be free from it all and I want to do something worthwhile. This blog is about achieving my financial goals, sharing what I have learned and being content with where I am in life. I’m doing the research anyway, so I might as well post it on a blog for you to benefit.