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There is a lot of software available in the international market that we do not have access to. Today I want to highlight some of the nifty finance apps we do have in South Africa to help us manage our personal finances. Most of these finance apps are free, so test them out for yourself and manage your finances better.


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Splitwise is an app that allows you to split costs between different people. You create separate payment groups for when costs need to be shared. You can then invite other people to join these groups. Good examples where you can use Splitwise are friends living together or groups travelling together.

If you make a payment that needs to be split between you and someone else, you simply add the payment to the group. You can then select the people who you are splitting it with. The app keeps track of how much is owed to each person and proposes payments to ensure the minimum amount of payments to settle the costs. It is completely free.


Meet a TallOrder Partner - SnapScan |

If you have ever been to a market, you have seen the blue barcodes on some of the counters. You will only know what these are if you ever pitched up without any cash. Snapscan is a simple point of sale application that allows you to pay anyone registered with Snapscan.

They work through Standard Bank and have about 5000 merchants registered presently. It does not cost the users anything to use and you can even purchase electricity and airtime with the app.

What few people know is that it has Woocommerce integration. So you can add it as a payment method to any existing website or online store. This allows you to make online payments without divulging any personal information.


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Wave is essentially free accounting software. You add a business bank account and all the transactions get pulled through to the software. This allows you to categorise the transactions and draw up financial statements. When using the linked app, you can take pictures of slips and store everything online.

You can issue quotations and invoices online which can be sent out once or at regular intervals. If you reside in the United States, you can even run your payroll through Wave. It would have been nice if you could do it in South Africa as well. At least the software is completely free.


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Ok, so 22seven is not necessarily an app, but rather an app version of a website. However, it is handy having all your finances in one place on the go. Just like Wave, it allows you to import bank accounts. It is not just limited to bank accounts, you can add investment accounts, loans, assets and much more. If it cannot be added directly, you always have the option of adding it manually.

Then it pulls through the transactions which you can categorise. It also remembers the categories from previous transactions, allowing it to start categorising most transactions automatically. You can then set up budgets and track your net worth using the account totals.

If I was in charge of 22seven, I would stop everything that I’m busy with and devote all my time to data analysis. The only things that is lacking are some awesome graphs and pie charts. The software is free as it seems like the goal is to convince you to start investing in Old Mutual unit trusts. So if you can resist this urge, you are good to go.

Easy Equities

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I did a proper review of the Easy Equities software here, so I’m not going to go into a lot of detail. It is one of the finance apps that is an app version of online software, which allows you to buy shares and exchange-traded funds cheaply. It includes a tax-free investment account and a USD trading account and really simplified share investing for me.


Fuelio is an app that functions as a logbook for tax purposes. It helps you to track things like petrol costs and fuel consumption. You can also keep track of your maintenance costs and other expenses to calculate your total running costs. It is even possible to set up notifications for services. The best thing about the app is that it consolidates all the petrol prices logged by active users for you to use. So you can check where to get your fuel for the best price.


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In essence, Shyft is a foreign exchange app brought to you by Standard Bank. However, you do not need to be a Standard Bank client and it is so much more than forex. Step one is to make a profile and load it with ZARs. From here you can convert it to USD, GBP, EUR and AUD for a really good rate. Nothing special so far.

Now, you can upload the currencies to virtual cards. This allows you to make payments from these cards, in the currency loaded onto them, without a conversion fee. You can also have actual cards made for these accounts and sent to you. Then you can then use these cards while travelling. Nifty if you ask me.

One of these finance apps is bound to make your financial life better. So give them a try and see if you can incorporate them into your daily life.

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    Drivvo is similar to Fuelio, which is what I use. TymeCoach is also a really nifty app to check your credit score and record.

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